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What really determines market direction?

What really makes stock prices go up or down? Is it really as simple as what goes up must come down and vice versa? How do I select stocks with the best profit potential? Stock prices are constantly fluctuating and many times there seems to be no ‘rhyme or reason’ to this constant price fluctuation. The air waves and the Internet are flooded with analysts and experts who try to predict the future price moves for stocks.

Often they have no real answers to our same questions and are just as baffled by why a stock is going up or going down. Where does that leave us? Let’s face it; to the average investor the stock market can seem complicated and confusing.

Stocks can go up or down for no apparent reason. Apple reports great earnings but the stock plummets. The price of oil drops and the inflation report is tame but the major stock market indexes dive. Pfizer reports terrible earnings but the stock rallies. With the spinning wheel, going round and round, the ups and downs of the markets can leave anyone’s head going round and round. When it comes right down to it, the reason why stock prices are going up or down seems to be anybody’s guess. You might as well try to read tea leaves.

Highly paid analysts would have us believe that a company’s earnings outlook drive stock prices. Yet how many times have you seen the stock of companies with good earnings plummet while those with terrible earnings soar? Just like bad things happen to good people, big stock declines can happen to good companies. It is a fact of life with no true explanation.

But none of that matters for one simple reason. At the end of the day, if there are more buy orders for a stock than sell orders then the price of the stock will go up. And if there are more sell orders for a stock than buy orders, then the price of the stock will go down. It’s just that simple. Everything else is just noise. Everything else does not matter.

To make real money in the stock or options markets you don’t need to know why a stock price rises or falls, you just need to know two things: when to buy and when to sell. If you can quantitatively measure the buying and selling pressure of a stock then you will know in advance whether the price of a stock is likely to go up or down. And you will then know if you should take a bullish or bearish option position.

In other words, if you get a reading on the buying pressure and selling pressure for a stock you can successfully assess whether a stock is likely to go up or go down in price. There are numerous ways to measure the buying and selling pressure of a stock. We want to teach you several methods. That way you can use all the methods or just work with the methods you are most comfortable. Remember comfort and ease are what we are aim for!

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6% Protocol Trading System Review | Will it Really Make You Income?

In 1983 legendary trader Richard Dennis made a bet.

He claimed he could teach anyone to trade successfully.

Starting in December of that year, he recruited 21 men and women.

Within 5 years, his “Trading Turtles” had earned over $175 million in profit.

In 2003, A.J. Brown copied Richard’s experiment with one little twist.

Instead of College Grads, he picked a group of inner city high school kids.

They all came from disadvantaged families. None of them had a computer at home. They could only trade for 60 minutes per day at the local library.

You won’t believe what happened next… Watch Now

This could be the key to 3,298% growth for your portfolio.

Those are life changing returns. Now A.J. is revealing how they work.

Watch His Video Right Here

6% Protocol Trading System is a brand new trading strategy created by AJ Brown. He’s  widely recognized as “the world’s most disciplined option trader.”

He has been actively trading options for more than 18 years, and has published daily insights for his Trading Trainer program participants every single night, 5-days a week, since 2002. Trading Trainer ( is based out of Fort Collins, Colorado.

Want to see 6% Protocol Trading Strategy in action?

Watch this Video Right Here

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A 34 Trade Win Streak – One Weird Technique

BGSP DownloadThe pattern is getting a bit scary.

When these Three Triggers fire… Chuck Hughes spots a potential option trade. The last 34 trades he’s taken have all ended in profit – with an average return of 223.5%.

Yes – that’s a 100% win rate.

What makes this even more incredible?

Some 70-80% of ALL options expire worthless.

Hitting 34 home runs in a row? That’s practically unheard of.

Yet if you look at his fully verified trade log – that’s exactly what Chuck has done. He’s has profits of 366.55%… 738.31%… and even 931.57% on Home Depot (HD).

Enough to turn a $1,000 investment into $9,315 in profit.

The question is – how does he do it? What are the Three Triggers?

Get The Answer

Now Chuck is coming clean on his most powerful techniques.

The ones that helped deliver him a 309.1% real time return last year – with a first place finish in the World Trading Championships. One of eight he’s won outright so far.

And the best part? He’s giving it away 100% for free.

All you’ve got to do is click the link below – enter your email – and he’ll send it over.

But this eBook will only be available for a limited time.

Download your copy now while you still can.

Download It Now


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Velocity Trader FREE | Pay Velocity Trader Strategy Today | Get 1 Year On Us

It’s a scary moment. A stock is dropping fast. There’s seemingly no floor in sight. If you buy now, are you getting in at a bargain?

Or are you catching a falling knife?

Many of the great fortunes in the market have been made by guys with the insight – and the balls – to pick a bottom. They knew the time to buy is when there’s blood in the streets. If you’d bought at the bottom in March, 2009 – you’d be rich today.


If there’s one skill above any other that sets apart the broke from the billionaires

This Is It

For the last week Todd Mitchell has been sharing videos on a unique trading program. The entire strategy is designed to find those scary – but highly profitable moments. When Amazon stopped dropping on April 27th, 2016…

Giving you a 196% return in 48 hours.
Or when Activision Blizzard bounced on June 27th…

Giving you a 230% return in 4 days.

Now you’re going to finally have the power to capture those returns.

Join Now

The market had 58 of these High Velocity Alignment trades in 2016.
It’s had another 6 so far in 2017. Of those 64 alignments – 71.88% of them have ended in profit… With average returns of 134% on the winners… While only losing 45% on the losers…
If you’d invested $1,000 in all 64 positions – you’d have earned $53,540 in profit. With a $10,000 investment – you’d be looking at a life changing $535,400!

The only question is – will you be ready when the next one strikes?

Join Immediately

Only 50 spots are available – claim yours while you can.

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Velocity Options Trader Review | Will it Really Make You Income?

In the final months of 2016 – Facebook stock was all over the place. It traded up – down – and sideways. Beneath the surface two primal market forces were at work…
Fighting to control the stock’s direction…

On December 30th – these forces collided.

What happened next was shocking. Facebook popped 8.32% by January 10th. FB Call Options were up 235.06% in just 11 days. A $1,000 investment would have paid you $2,350 in less than two weeks.

And the crazy thing? These events happen all the time.

You just need to know where to find them…

Get The Facts

Velocity Options Trader Chart

Very few traders know about this phenomenon. Even fewer can spot it at work in a stock… before an explosive 196%… 228%… or 339% move happens.

Now you can find out how it works BEFORE the next event strikes.

Watch Right Now

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Free Training On The Rapid Account Growth Strategies that are working now

This is a FREE TRAINING on the rapid account growth strategies that are working now.

Tuesday, March 21st @ 7:00pm CT

John F. Carter will reveal his new 90-day trading plan. With the market at all-time highs, it’s time to adapt to conditions most traders haven’t seen in years.

Attend this webinar to discover how John grew his account by 82% between January and February, 2017. Find out what’s working NOW because outdated strategies could be dead wrong in current conditions.

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Guy Cohen OVI Advantage Review | Detailed View Inside

What if there was a “Secret Indicator” in the stock market that told you exactly what the mammoth money managers are up to… and you could simply follow their ‘money trail’ to bank the same massive profits that they make?

Guy Cohen from FlagTrader developed that indicator… and the hedge fund honchos are begging him to take millions to keep it a secret…

Many investors know that the large institutional investors such as the billion-dollar fund managers, the super-savvy hedge fund honchos, etc. “own” 75% of the market. Their ability to move markets is incredible… you do NOT want to bet against these guys!

In fact, if there was a way to “play” right alongside them and bank the same potentially massive gains they make as they move a stock many points during the days, weeks and months they are buying up (or dumping) boatloads of the stock… wouldn’t that be attractive?

But the problem is… there has been no reliable method to tell exactly what the Big Boy traders are up to each day, other than being on the “inside”… and as you know, insider trading is illegal (just ask Martha Stewart).

Yes, being able to reliably follow the savvy insiders has been next to impossible. That is… until now.

Follow this link to discover how to “copy and paste” the biggest money managers

Guy Cohen developed a “Secret Indicator” that not only lets you know what the gigantic institutional traders are up to with any individual stock, but it also alerts you IN TIME to load up (or start dumping) the stock yourself to bank the same potentially enormous profits they do.

With this indicator, you can get the “OVI Advantage” and make enough income to easily quit your job, or support your retirement life in style. “OVI Advantage” system virtually eradicates the difficulty of trading. This powerful (but simple) trading system will allow you to:

  • Follow the “money trail” of the ultra-savvy insiders, and bank the same outsized profits they do…
  • Pocket $20,000 to $50,000 per month (and much more) like a retired veteran in Oregon and a “little old lady” in California…
  • Employ a simple 3-step plan to bank thousands of dollars a month like clockwork…
  • Use Guy’s “Secret Indicator” that’s so easy to find on a stock chart, a 12-year old could spot it… and a 17-year old IS banking on it with phenomenal success!
  • And much more…

Follow this link to discover how to “copy and paste” the biggest money managers

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Video & PDF Reveal The #1 ETF To Own Now

Our friends from MarketGauge are providing a series of quick free training videos (and a report) that will show you several ways for you to trade with an edge previously only available to big institutions!

Grab this complimentary PDF report and video that reveals a simple indicator powering an ETF based trading system that has doubled the performance of the market since 2007 (from before the financial crisis)!

Plus, this indicator will identify which ETF to buy right now, so you’ll profit from the next big market sector move.

Check it out here, absolutely free

They’re also revealing a ‘hedge fund style’ trading system that anyone can enjoy profiting from because it is…
… Simple (only take a few minutes of your time per week)
… Smart (uses diversified ETFs that outperform the market)
… Unique (a classic institutional strategy made simple with ETFs)
… Very profitable (I’ll let the video pleasantly surprise you)

Tap here to download your report and watch the video now

Make sure you watch the whole video because the second half reveals a market timing indicator that you’ll only find at MarketGauge, and it’s completely free! 

This unique indicator identifies the best times to buy the market near the 200-day moving average and when to wait.

You’ll also learn when to expect the market to collapse below the 200-day moving average!

This one secret alone will help you avoid painful and catastrophic losses that occur in a major bear markets like 2007-2008.

Don’t miss out on this unique trading edge!

Tap here to access the report and video now

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ETF Money Cycle Review | Does It Really Work?

I’m handing you proven winners in this free special report. Because, thanks to the President Trump, we have a chance at a massive new income stream. Look, trying to pick the “perfect” stock in 2017 will be like playing Russian Roulette.

Under Obama, the market kept going up no matter which stock you picked.

But, the markets just shifted.

They’ve shifted into Exchange-Traded-Funds (ETFs). This means, you’ll profit more buying up “sectors” not just individual stocks. Stocks are going to jump around under Trump because of his new economic policies. Why risk your cash picking the wrong stock in a sector?

Two sectors already made investors killer returns fast. And, that could continue the next 4-8 years under Trump.

Proof: One ETF (I’ll show you) took off 23% within days of November 9th. Another is up 20%.

There’s more. That’s why I’m giving you this FREE REPORT to download, which includes:

The Top ETFs of 2017 (FIVE have jumped double digits since Nov. 8th)

How ETFs work (hint: they trade just like stocks)

The Two Sectors already taking off

The Opportunity to own the most popular stocks for pennies on the dollar (including Amazon, Apple and Facebook)

Get the Names & Symbols of the ETFs to Own In 2017 For FREE

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Jack Gleason Nadex Mastery Course | Is It Any Good?

I bet you’ve never heard of a blind trader before…

Neither had Eric and Jack at Major League Trading, until they met Chad. You’d think it was impossible. How can you trade if you can’t even see the charts?

Yet – in his first two weeks – he turned $1,300 into $2,500.

This wasn’t a fluke. It’s the result of a nearly invisible market pattern. A pattern they can teach you to spot even if you’re a total beginner. Jack once used it to trade a $250 account into $18,000 in under 30 days.

He even traded $600 into $4,000 in a single day!

See How It Works

Once you see how this works – you’ll be amazed. You’ll finally know why 95% of traders never make any money AND the secret to unlocking a steady stream of profit.

With as little as 10 minutes of trading time per day…

You can generate a full time income.

Watch Now

Jack Gleason will teach you how to reduce your initial investment while increasing your leverage and frequency to produce outsized returns using Nadex, the only CFTC – regulated binary options exchange, and its game-changing product – The Nadex Mastery Course.

Join Jack as he shows you the 6 trading setups he used to turn a $250 account into $16,000 in 3 weeks.

See How It Works

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