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Learn How to Trade Options Profitably

Learn how to trade options profitably by joining John Carter’s elite insiders club of options traders worldwide. John Carter, an experienced professional options trader, leads community members through live trades daily while explaining profitable strategies, significant market opportunities and daily trading lessons. Together, newbies and experienced traders alike, share knowledge, experience and support one another in this active trading forum.

The following is a list of products and services provided by John Carter and other traders from Simpler Options.

FREE EBOOK “Understanding Options”

Free Options Trading Ebook “Greeks 101”

Voodoo Lines Indicator

Learn everything you need to be a successful options trader from the comfort of your own home and at the pace you choose to learn! All of our DVDs come with an instant online streaming link, DRM-free download link, and a physical DVD.



You should join this community if you can answer ‘yes’ to any of the following:

  • Are you a complete ‘newbie’ wanting to learn how to better leverage your money and protect your investments from market downturns by utilizing basic directional options strategies?
  • Are you someone with Options experience, but want to find more innovative and creative trading strategies and specific ideas for additional profitable opportunities?
  • Do you desire to engage in more complex trading strategies such as ratio spreads, pinning, gamma explosion and implied volatility crush?
  • Do you seek a self learning environment where you are encouraged to discuss discipline issues and empower yourself to larger profits (although we will continue to offer strong support, daily trades and tips)?
  • Are you looking for a community of active traders that share knowledge, support one another, yet with a structured hands on learning environment with step by step Options strategies advice?
  • Do you need a complete Options trading universe where we cover everything from basic to fully advanced trading techniques along with all the tools and resources you need in ONE place?

Join John Carter in this unique environment where you get daily expert advice from a recognized professional options trader and inviting community of learners and teachers, supporters and facilitators. Learn everything you need to be a successful options trader from the comfort of your own home and at the pace you choose to learn!

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